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  1. kuchukuTulip 3d 1h ago

    Good night, leo san :)
    Hope to see you back here, soon.

  2. kuchukuTulip 3d 1h ago

    Quote by leonskxxx
    Old? why? i can wait xD well i'm a bit old now lol

    XD But its okay, I bet there is a waifu(wife) for you waiting!

  3. kuchukuTulip 3d 2h ago

    Quote by leonskxxx

    the life? Without mercy! lol. At least I have good health x). what about u?

    PD: "wait for you" about married x)

    Haha same here. XD But I am glad I am recovering.

    XD haha don't wait for me or you will get too old

  4. kuchukuTulip 3d 2h ago

    Quote by leonskxxx
    Nope!, you know that i wait for you :$ xd.. i'm trying be online :)

    AAh! DX I am soooo sorry! :(
    So what's up?
    How's life treating you?

  5. kuchukuTulip 3d 2h ago

    Quote by leonskxxx
    Good! i´m think so lol, and the tell me which it has been in your life in these two years? you already got married? :o

    XD No I didn't. Did you?
    I hope you come back online soon. :)

  6. kuchukuTulip 3d 7h ago

    Quote by leonskxxx
    Miss TULIP! Heeya! .. Yea LONG TIME! :D how are you?

    I am good :D
    So glad to see you here.
    How are you?

  7. kuchukuTulip 3d 7h ago

    YO! :D
    Long time no see!